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A Day in a Forex Trader’s Life

Who is a Forex trader?

A Forex trader is someone who has a job in a financial institution, who gets paid for managing the investments and funds of others and add to the profits of his/ her respective clients. The Forex traders receive professional Forex trading salaries and are fundamentally ‘hired’ traders. So, a successful Forex trader is one who has learned to trade profitably, thereby increase the earnings of his financial clients and is able to satisfy them consistently.

Types of Forex traders:

A professional Forex trader is someone who knows his/ her trading and these hired professional traders are known by the timeframes they trade. They can be classified as

  • Position traders who deal with long-term trading and do not get really affected by the short-term swings in the market.
  • Swing traders whose timeframes range from a few days to few weeks. The daily timeframe and the market swings in the short-term are something that they keenly analyse and plan their trading accordingly.
  • Day traders as the name suggest, take one single trading session at a time and are known for an hourly analysis of the day’s trading trends and market fluctuations.
  • Scalpers, their timeframe is very limited and are known to trade within the lowest timeframe possible, sometimes as low as 10-15minutes.

A typical trading day:

Forex trades 24-hours a day and it is essential that a Forex trader is classified as per the timeframes due to the enormous complexity of the market. A trading day begins with turning on the trading screens in one’s system and observe the currency markets. There is always a change overnight, because bookings happen even after the trading day closes.

The day revolves around placing trade orders, and a keen observing of the central bank policies, and major/ minor industrial announcements etc., They also have a financial calendar of the economic releases and the impact that it may have on trading.

Forex professionals watch out for the important indicators which predict and guide them to make a good trading decision. There are the repainting and no repaint indicator which affect the Forex trades distinctly and are again used cautiously.

And the trading ends with a performance review session, on the many ‘hits and misses’ of the trading day.

Overall, it is a high-pressure, tedious work life and demands a lot of self-discipline and focus.



The companies have a leave policy which makes it mandatory for them to allow employees to take leave from work as and when required for various reasons. The leave benefits could be paid, unpaid, or partially paid. This depends on the employer. The employer in accordance with the state government’s laws will sign an agreement with the employee or the employees union regarding the various leave policies and the pay for each type of leave granted.

In California, employers have to comply with many acts which allow the employees to take leave of any kind for medical and health reasons. In addition the employee must meet the required criteria to be eligible for the medical leave benefits. My father went on medical leave, thanks to these California laws.

My father was employed with the same employer for a very long span ranging for years. He has devoted maximum work hours in his company. So he was eligible to avail the leave benefits in his company. He had paid leave even during his medical illness and was reinstated back into his company because of the California laws safeguarding the employees.

The California rules are eligible for the employees who have worked for a minimum of at least 12 months. Even after working for a long period, if the employee terminates the contract then medical leave is not granted upon rejoining till he completes 12 months of service again. The California family and medical leave act grants 12 weeks of paid leave on medical grounds to the employee as well as for the members of the employee’s family. But the chances of paid leave being substituted by unpaid leave are much more.

Therefore it is essential to know the company’s leave policy.

The Best Louis Vuitton Payment Options

As a brand Louis Vuitton has been at the forefront of trends. Ever since the paparazzi era, the iconic brown LV bag has become something of a necessity. For those who prefer the original, they don’t mind shelling out the sky high price for these classic bags. However, for some, they are happy with knockoffs and aren’t too keen on buying an original which they will be too afraid to take out!

Buying Luxury

A lot of luxury brands are trying now to become more accessible to the public with their Pret lines and collaborations with mass retailers like WalMart and so on. However, it is difficult to work within this market because it dilutes from their actual focus which is aspirational attire and accessories.

To some people, spending a few thousand dollars on a luxury item is what it’s all about. And to them, their personal finances don’t take a hit in the least. They are probably earning enough money to manage a $3000 spend on a bag. For those whose monthly income equals the price of a luxury bag, managing this kind of money could be difficult.

Payment Options for LV

If you are looking for LV handbags with gold buckle, you will need at least a year’s income! It’s next to impossible to manage that kind of money for one bag. However, a lot of style blogs and retailers have tie-ups with the company to help you buy these products. Opt for a style that will have a good resale value as well. An LV monogram bag is more likely to sell later on than a seasonal design.

Check online for existing payment plans, find one that works for you, and budget your salary accordingly so that you can handle the monthly shortage you will have when you have to pay off such a huge sum.

Another way is through your credit card, but, that would mean paying a high interest. And you will end up paying more than retail price for it.

Get Your Finances In Order To Become A Home Owner

Owning a house is a dream for all and though it is a difficult and tough decision in many people`s life, we now have some very simple and flexible financial modes that let us do this without burdening us too much. Yes, here we are talking about the loans and finances that help us in making our dream a truth. There are many types of loans and borrowings that a person can go for all his needs and not just this home buying. With a betterment in the income levels and earning capacities of people employed, the banks and financial institutions are ready to assist them with what could be appropriate for them and thus try to fulfill their needs and expectations with a  backup and aid.

I would like to quote my story as an example here wherein I got the assistance of a mortgage broker who helped me complete all the procedures for securing a loan and also helped me buy my dream house without any difficulty. The first thing that would hinder anybody`s dreams of buying anything is the most crucial finances and once this part is through the others would automatically fall in place. My mortgage broker in Texas got me a great deal.

I had many options before going to my mortgage broker like loans from banks, financial institutions etc but I found the assistance of these brokers better and easier than the others. This might not work right for the others and their options and preferences might differ. The major assistance from their side is linking us up with the right money lender and they also agree to complete all the initial formalities and the loan application on our behalf. They help all the borrowers with information about the various types of loans available, the one that would suit a particular person etc., all that is important and essential while borrowing money.

The Cashnet USA – For All your Short-Term Needs

Generally, people go for loans when there is a huge expenditure like one for buying a car, a palatial house etc… For those who belong to the low and middle-income groups, there might be a requirement to go or a loan for buying just a small house. So the loan needs and requirements are different for different people and based on their needs and eligibilities the banks and financial institutions help them with what they want. Now, what is the way –out when you have an emergency at home and you need a decent amount to be borrowed? From where would you get this?  Of course, all of us have our friends and family to help us out in situations like this but even then, how much can you borrow from them? and what if the amount given by them is not enough? Do not worry, it is for this reason that we have the Cashnet USA, that deals in getting short-term and urgent loan requirements approved. It is an online lender that helps in securing approval for short-term and small- principal loan amount within minutes that can be used for emergency and medical purposes.

Going for loans or borrowings from financial institutions and banks at times of crisis is something out of the question because it generally takes a long time to go through them after completing all the formalities. In such situations, this cashnetusa promises to come for help at the right time. You can go through the cashnetusa reviews to know more about them, their services from the mouth of the benefactors directly which acts as the right and authentic proof of their services provided at times of emergency. So without a second thought, go for their services when you are in need of money with just a short notice for any types of emergency situations at reasonable lines of credit.

Why To Commence A Van Leasing Firm

With the onset of different industries in the market, more and more options are opening torun those respective trades. Same is the case with the transportation industry. Be it for personal or professional use, we always need good vehicles for moving from one place to another. Keeping this requirement in mind, many people are starting a van lease business.

A business offering van leasing options is basically involved in providing vans to all kinds of people for their needs, which can be commercial as well as personal. In return, they expect a basic rental fee for the vehicle provided. This particular market has proven to be extremely competitive and how well the vehicles are utilised clearly defines the success of the business. However, there is a huge market and client base waiting for such firms to open the offers and provide comfortable vans for different purposes.

The need to begin a van rental firm

When it comes to the market for renting vehicles, it is a fact that the entire industry is worth billions of dollars and has grown immensely in the last few years. Not only vans, but people also have great alternatives to rent out other useful vehicles such as Lorries. This is certainly proving to be highly profitable for all the businessmen working in this industry. In addition to this, there is a huge scope of making a lot of money if you open a business like this. As you would involve yourself in long-term contracts with other companies or individuals, there will be more surety of your vans staying booked for a really long time. If the vans do not get any booking for long, you might end up bearing a huge loss in every way.

Initial investments in the business

It is obvious that the start-up costs of this business is likely to be quite high since you would be need a lot of vans readily available with you in good condition, be it on lease or purchased. You would need a parking space for all of them and would also be required to shed big money on a yearly basis for servicing.

So, before you decide on starting this business, make sure you have ample capital in hand. Once this concern is cleared, you are almost ready to float your name in the market.

4 Tips For Finding The Best Financial Advisor

When you try to hire a financial adviser to help you with your financial planning, you should look out for someone who is confident. You shouldn’t hire someone only because the financial advisor’s rate is low. Here are five tips for hiring the best financial advisor.

Compare the service offerings

A financial advisor is a broad category. You should look for someone who specializes in the field you want financial advice for. For example, if you want help with your tax then you cannot hire someone who specializes in the mortgage.

Know how the advisor is compensated

If you hire a fee-only financial advisor then you need to compensate them; your insurance company or brokerage firm won’t have any role to play here. Your advisor can be compensated hourly or with investment management fees. You should openly discuss the fees with your advisor.

Look at their credentials

You should look for advisors with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. These designations indicate that the person has expertise in investments and other financial matters. They are considered to be financial planning experts.

Location of the financial advisor

A financial advisor helps you with your personal financial planning. It is better to have someone who lives near you so that you can frequently communicate face-to-face. The interaction should be personal as you are dealing with very sensitive issues.

You should take the time to find a good financial advisor who will be able to advise you on your financial matters. You should use these tips to search for the right financial advisor.

Top 5 Retirement Tips For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you should have a sound retirement plan. There are many small investment owners who don’t save money for their retirement. But this is important because you won’t be running your business forever. Here are five retirement tips that you can use.

Calculate your living cost

You should ask yourself how much you would need to live when you go on retirement. You should calculate your living cost roughly and come up with an estimate. This way you will know how much money you need to save before you retire.

Hire a financial adviser

You can hire a financial adviser to help you with your retirement planning. You should hire someone with Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. You can look at various databases like National Association of Personal Financial Advisors or other networks to find a good financial advisor.

Have a diversified retirement plan

You should form a diversified retirement plan. You have four options: SEP-IRA, SIMPLE-IRA, Solo 401(k) and SIMPLE 401(k).  There are many firms that sell small business retirement plans. You should understand the various retirement plans and make your decision.

Keep things simple

You should go for a diverse mix of low-cost index funds. You can invest in a fund that invests in the U.S. stock market; a fund that owns developed the foreign stock market and various emerging stock markets. You can invest in the target-date fun as well which adjusts the balance of your bond and stock automatically depending on your age.

Check out the 401(k) plans of small businesses

Some 401(k) providers target the small businesses. They offer low-cost plans for businesses that have less than 100 employees. They can help you plan for your retirement.

These are the best tips for a small business retirement plan. You should plan for your retirement early so that you can spend the rest of your life comfortably.

4 Ways To Prepare For Tax Season

During tax season you need to prepare to pay for your tax. You need to plan it early and a financial adviser can help you. Here are four ways to prepare for the tax season.

Maximize tax-advantaged savings

You should maximize your tax-advantaged savings. You should try to contribute up to the maximum limit of your workplace 401(k). If one spouse has a retirement plan and the other doesn’t, then you should put the maximum toward the person’s tax-deferred growth. If you are self-employed, then you can save about 25% of your income in tax-deferred accounts.

Collect the trading gain and loss report in a secure electronic file

Your accountants will need information about your trading gains and losses. You should provide this information to a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). If you save the files electronically, it will take less time for the CFA to make their entry. It also helps to reduce human error.

Tax-efficient investing strategies

You should place the right type of securities in the right accounts. For example, you can hold TIPS in tax-deferred accounts. This helps you to avoid an unpleasant situation. You can get tax savings from tax-loss harvesting. Your financial advisor will help you in this regard.

Gifting strategies

If you have good stocks that pose tax liability, then you can gift the stocks without tax to charities. So, the stocks won’t be part of your investment plan anymore. You can ask your advisor to help you with various gifting strategies.

Having a good strategy can help you in preparing well for the tax season. Teamwork is very important and you should carefully listen to your financial advisor all the time.